Intranet in CUHELAV

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Dear CUHELAV students,

You have a new source of information available. It is called TerminHoTur and it is a bank of terms in English and Spanish in the Hotel, Travel and Tourism area. You’ll find many intesting terms and information on your area of study. Check it out here. You can also check Bebidatos, a bank of terms you’ll find very useful too.



Asking Questions

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In Unit 6 we practiced how to aks questions. Here you have the general rules:

General rules for asking questions

And here you have some exercises:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Exercise 5


Dictation 1

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Here’s a copy of the dictation we did in the lab. Read, correct your writing, and practice the words.

Dictation 1


Free Page for Learning English!

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Our friend Astrid recommended this page to learn English for free:

Take a look at it and then you let me know 🙂


Most Used Verbs in English

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Here you have a list of the most common verbs in English. Exercise: take a look at them, write a translation and the past for each one, and learn them. 

Most Used Verbs in English


How Many Continents?

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Check out this video. We’ll be analizing it on Wednesday in class

Video: How Many Continents-Six or Seven?


Vocabulary exercises

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Here are some exercises on vocabulary that you already know but it could be useful for units 5 to 10:

Vocabulary 1

Vocabulary 2

Vocabulary 3

Vocabulary 4

Vocabulary 5

You can also check the site from which I took the exercises:

English for my job