Most Used Verbs in English

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Here you have a list of the most common verbs in English. Exercise: take a look at them, write a translation and the past for each one, and learn them. 

Most Used Verbs in English


2 Responses to “Most Used Verbs in English”

  1. to cook: cocinar
    to cut: cortar
    to Slice: rebanar, cortar en rebanadas
    to Prepare: preparar
    to Burn: Quemar
    to Garnish: decorar un plato
    to stir: revolver
    to stuff: rellenar
    to blend: licuar
    to bake: hornear
    to shred: rallar
    to mash: triturar
    to chop: trocear
    to smoke: ahumar
    to stew: guisar
    to dice: cortar en dados
    to crumble: desmoronar
    to melt: fundir
    to boil: gratinar
    to crush: triturar hielo
    to shape: moldear
    to toss: echar
    to wrap: envolver
    to squeeze: exprimir
    to roll: enrollar

  2. Thank you very much, Harold. However, to boil doesn’t mean “gratinar” but “hervir” in Spanish.

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